South Essex

Castle Point & Rochford referral form: Castle Point & Rochford referral form

South CCGs Cataract Service Restriction policy

Southend and Castle Point and Rochford CCGs have recently agreed a new protocol for the prescribing of drops for dry eye syndrome. Where possible patients who have a GP in either of these CCGs should be asked to self-fund their drops if they are able. For those patients who require their medications funded by the NHS the following should be followed:
Any drops that are needed to be prescribed by the GP should not be requested by the brand name, they should be requested by the active ingredient. Eg Sodium Hyaluronate, not Hycosan; Paraffin based eye ointment, not lacrilube etc. This will allow the GP to prescribe the correct eye drop from their agreed formulary. Brand specific drops will need to be self funded.

For more details please view Dry Eye Prescribing Guidelines