NHS England GOS Contracts

NHS England General Ophthalmic Service (GOS) Contracts are overseen by the regional team.
New and changes to the contracts may take 90 days or more to enact.  Please give NHSE as much notice as possible to amend your practice’s contract.
NHSBSA will be delivering a (GOS) contract management on behalf of NHSE Regional in East of England.  They administrate contract applications in line with the NHS England Eye Health policy book.
You will need to complete a number of documents and there will be a practice visit arranged too.  The information for this process is highlighted on the document which is found here – giving guidance on initiating, changing or terminating your GOS contract.
NHSBA can be emailed on nhsbsa.pao-contractadmin@nhs.net.

It is also important the vendor informs NHSE of their intention to terminate their contract too.  Again, this usually needs 90 days notice.
Documents you will need to fill in are available on Quality in Optometry.   www.qualityinoptometry.co.uk  The “GOS Contract in England checklist” section, has several policy templates on there to help you.  See more information in our QiO section.

The regional team can be contacted on england.optometryeast@nhs.net.

Changing your GOS Contract
Any changes to your NHS contract must be processed and approved before the change can take place.
A recent situation has meant that a contractor had relocated premises without notifying NHSE had to cease carrying out any NHS eye tests until a relocation application had been made, processed and approved.
It is imperative that you ensure you are notifying NHSE of the following:
Premises change – relocation
Changes to GOS hours
Director and Partnership changes – including individual to partnership, partnership to individual
Retirement – including retirement of a contractor (single handed), retirement of two or more individuals
Body corporate changes
Changes to bank accounts and head office address
Death of a contractor

Termination of contract

Definition of a Health Service Body

Requests for second pairs
Please use the following form for second voucher request and email it to england.optometryeast@nhs.net . Put the email subject line: “Request for second voucher/GOS3” so whomever is monitoring the inbox can direct the request to the Optical Advisor for a decision.

Making Accurate Claims
Making Accurate Claims is a document that is the first port of call for GOS claims queries.  Please find the document here or via the AOP site here – https://www.aop.org.uk/advice-and-support/regulation/england/making-accurate-claims

NHS Mail

The email address for the East of England NHS.net IT administrator is Nelcsu.itservicedesksouth@nhs.net

Updates and News

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