North Essex

Referral update COVID Referral Pathway for Colchester Hospital
Essex Referrals Pathway North Extended – detailed document showing correct referral method for your region.

Essex Referrals Pathway North – Summary

There is a WhatsApp group which includes consultants Mr Mukherjee & Mr Patel who can give advice on referrals.  To join please email
Remember any messages should not contain patient identifiable details.

Out of Area Referrals
If you have a patient with a GP in a specific CCG but they want to be seen in a hospital within a different CCG, can you ensure you refer via the patients GP. This also applies to patients who want to be seen at a hospital out of Essex.

List of GP details for North Essex
List of GP details for Suffolk region
You can use the GOS18 to refer or Ophthalmology referral form

A list of drops (including dry eye drops) that GP’s are allowed to prescribe in NE Essex NE Essex Prescription list