West Essex

Referral update COVID Referral Pathway for PAH.
27/1/21 – PAH have introduced a specific Eye Casualty Referral Form, with details of the request – here.
Referral update COVID Referral Pathway for Queens Romford

West Essex referral pathway document showing correct referral method for your region.

Emergency Referral
Speak to nurse on: 01279 444 455 extension 3018.
Emergency Fax number: 01279 827521.
Clinic open 9-5 Mon-Fri. Outside of these hours send patients to Moorfields A&E with the form above explaining the symptoms.

There is a WhatsApp group lead by Ms Madi, the Eye Casualty Consultant, where she can give advice on referrals.  To join please email secretary@essex-loc.org
Remember any messages should not contain patient identifiable details.

Out of Area Referrals
If you have a patient with a GP in a specific CCG but they want to be seen in a hospital within a different CCG, can you ensure you refer via the patients GP. This also applies to patients who want to be seen at a hospital out of Essex.

Wet AMD referral form for Princess Alexandra Hospital can be found at:

Cataract Service Restriction policy for the West Essex CCG.
Details on corneal procedures & referral criteria – Cornea Procedures

A list of clinicians and their specialities at Princess Alexandra Hospital:
Clinicians and Specialties