West Essex

Referral update COVID Referral Pathway for PAH
Referral update COVID Referral Pathway for Queens Romford

West Essex referral pathway document showing correct referral method for your region.

Emergency Referral
Speak to nurse on: 01279 444 455 extension 3018.
Emergency Fax number: 01279 827521.
Clinic open 9-5 Mon-Fri. Outside of these hours send patients to Moorfields A&E with a letter explaining the symptoms.

There is a WhatsApp group lead by Ms Madi, the Eye Casualty Consultant, where she can give advice on referrals.  To join please email secretary@essex-loc.org
Remember any messages should not contain patient identifiable details.

Out of Area Referrals
If you have a patient with a GP in a specific CCG but they want to be seen in a hospital within a different CCG, can you ensure you refer via the patients GP. This also applies to patients who want to be seen at a hospital out of Essex.

Wet AMD referral form for Princess Alexandra Hospital can be found at:

Cataract Service Restriction policy for the West Essex CCG.
Details on corneal procedures & referral criteria – Cornea Procedures

A list of clinicians and their specialities at Princess Alexandra Hospital:
Clinicians and Specialties