HES Contact Details

For referral pathways & more information please see the referral pathways section at the top..


Eye Emergency clinic on 01206 286882
Fax emergency referrals to 01206 286850
Can also be referred through the main A&E, especially when out of hours ophthalmic emergency service is closed.


Main switchboard 01245 362000
Routine referrals fax 01245 514711
Emergency referrals fax 01245 516477


Eye Department – 01702 435555 Ext 2460
Routine Referrals fax 01702 508508
Urgent Referrals fax 01702 385877

For suspect wet AMD, we have a fax line to send letters to for the eye department to triage. 01702 385877.

Routine referrals can also be made via email to BMISouthend-NHSreferrals@bmihealthcare.co.uk. If you wish to ensure delivery you can request a read receipt. This is for NHS referrals only and MUST originate from a secure email address in the first place (to maintain confidentiality at both ends).