HES Contact Details

For referral pathways & more information please see the documents section.


Eye Emergency clinic on 01206 286882
Fax emergency referrals to 01206 286850
Can also be referred through the main A&E, especially when out of hours ophthalmic emergency service is closed.


Main switchboard 01245 362000.

‘Beep the Staff Nurse in the Ophthalmology Department’

Give information regarding patient’s condition to Staff Nurse who then decides if she needs to interrupt the Ophthalmologist or if she can make the decision when to see patient. Usually patient given appointment time and asked to attend ASAP or later that day.

Optometrist writes referral letter with details and then faxes to HES 01245 516477 and gives copy to Patient to take with them in case ‘faxed details’ are mislaid/not collected from fax machine etc.

Copy of letter sent to patient’s GP.


Eye Department – 01702 435555 Ext 2460

For anyone who should be seen urgently, Main switchboard on 01702 435555 and ask for the mobile number of the on call Ophthalmologist and ask for their advice when a patient should be seen. They triage by phone and give an appointment. Give patient a copy of the referral letter.

For suspect wet AMD, we have a fax line to send letters to for the eye department to triage. 01702 385877.

Routine referrals can also be made via email to BMISouthend-NHSreferrals@bmihealthcare.co.uk. If you wish to ensure delivery you can request a read receipt. This is for NHS referrals only and MUST originate from a secure email address in the first place (to maintain confidentiality at both ends).