HES Contact Details

For referral pathways & more information please see the referral pathways section at the top. Also, some info on the Hospital Directory of Services.

Colchester Hospital
Emergency referrals phone on 01206 286882 and use nhs email chu-ftr.eyereferurgent@nhs.net
Routine referrals use nhs email chu-ftr.eyedepartment@nhs.net
Can also be referred through the main A&E, especially when out of hours ophthalmic emergency service is closed.

Princess Alexandra Hospital
Main switchboard 01279 444455
Emergency referrals 01279 444455 extension 3018

Broomfield Hospital
Routine referrals fax 01245 514711 or use nhs email mse.eyecarehub@nhs.net
Emergency referrals call main switchboard 01245 362000, speak with on call ophthalmologist and use nhs email mse.emergency.eyeclinic@nhs.net

Southend Hospital
Eye Department – 01702 435555 Ext 2460
Routine Referrals mse.eyecarehub@nhs.net
Emergency referrals phone 01702 385213 & select option 3 for the eye casualty nurse

Routine referrals can also be made via email to BMI at Southend-NHSReferrals@circlehealthgroup.co.uk.  This is for NHS referrals only and MUST originate from a secure email address in the first place (to maintain confidentiality at both ends).

Addenbrooks Hospital
Eye department – 01223 254444
Email referral to – add-tr.emergencyeye@nhs.net
AMD – email referral to add-tr.amd@nhs.net

Emergency Eye Casualties
Excellent info at: bit.ly/EyeCas
Addenbrooke’s – 01223 274900
Ipswitch – 01473 712233
Moorfields – 0207 521 4682
Southend – 01702 435 555 and ask for ophthalmologist on call
Whipps Cross – 0208 539 5522 Ext: 6940/6939/6500/6777