Low Vision Services

BASIS (Basildon/Orsett)http://www.basissouthessex.org.uk/
Basis (formally known as Pavis) covers Basildon/ Orsett

Essex Sight Charity (Essex Sight Centres)www.essexblind.co.uk
Essex Blind Charity is mainly North-East Essex and Mid-Essex

Southend Blind Welfare Organistion (SBWO)www.southendblindwelfare.org.uk
Southend is covered by the Southend Blind Welfare Organisation (SBWO)

Support 4 Sight http://www.support4sight.org.uk/
Support 4 Sight (S4S) does West Essex and Uttlesford

Resource Centres for Visually Impaired People: Resource Centres for VIPs Please see websites for the individual services listed above for up to date listings.

Find your resource centre according to your postcode using: Postcode areas covered by vision services

ECL Sensory Service provide Sighted Guides and Communicator Guides that are trained and experienced in guiding, communicating and appropriately supporting people with visual impairments and dual sensory impairments (deafblind) in the home and out in the community. Patients can take advantage of these to help them when attending appointments etc. More info at http://www.eclsensoryservice.org/services/sighted-guides-communicator-guides/.
ECL Sighted & Communicator Guide Flyer

College of Ophthalmologists information about Certificate of Vision Impairment https://www.rcophth.ac.uk/professional-resources/certificate-of-vision-impairment/

RNIB Helplinewww.rnib.org.uk

International Glaucoma Association www.glaucoma-association.com

Partially Sighted Societywww.partsight.org.uk

Talking Newspaper Association of UKwww.tnauk.org.uk

Macular Societywww.macularsociety.org

Deaf Blind UKdeafblind.org.uk