Practice References

Changes to GOS Contract
Guidance on initiating, changing or terminating your GOS contract – East Region Contractor Briefing

Requests for second pairs of GOS 3s
Please use the following form for second voucher request and email it to . Put the email subject line: “Request for second voucher/GOS3” so whomever is monitoring the inbox can direct the request to the Optical Advisor for a decision.

NHSE-I has confirmed that the NHSmail application process during COVID19 has changed further:

This hopefully will simplify the process for contractors as applications will go directly to NHS BSA who will provide a dedicated mail and phone line for queries.

Primary Care Support England – helpful documents & links

Clarification on Eligibility for NHS funded Domiciliary Eye Test

Hand cleaning technique

Falls Leaflet

Smoking Cessation
Ask – Do you smoke?  ​And record their smoking status if you have the facility
Advise – Tell the patient they are more likely to quit with support and medication. Or if they prefer, there are online resources where they can get advice and tips to quit ​
Act – Make a direct referral through the ‘contact’ page of, their GP’s stop smoking service or pharmacy. Tell them about the self-help online resource and
Download posters here

Sight Loss
Some helpful advice for practice staff to help support someone with sight loss – Supporting someone with sight loss

A good document around sight loss – it lists all sight loss charities as well as having a good section at the front for practices to complete with their local details.
There is also a CET course available on this site too – suitable for Optometrists and DOs alike which gives 3 CET points per hour of training completed.